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Kate Parkhomenko

Finding Home: The Story of Kate Parkhomenko

Specializing in Residential Properties & Platinum CONDO Investments, Kate’s knack for meeting people and ever expanding network offers clients a well-connected and driven real estate advisor who is always ready for action. Her drive is in her eyes. After having finished Accounting and Finance and working in the field 10 years ago, she understood that she can’t be stuck in the routine of fiscal cycles. She wanted to be outside instead of the office and having career that excites her, drives her, and pushes to become a better person and recognizable individual. She loves to keep busy.

She provides customer service beyond customer’s expectations. Kate has stepped into the Real Estate Industry with extraordinary enthusiasm. She has great interpersonal skills as well as genuine intentions for all her clients. Today, Kate continues excelling in guiding both buyers and sellers with the same dedication and continued caring of each person’s needs and way of life.

Kate is a very motivated and very energetic individual. She leads an everyday athletic life style, yoga lover and weight lifting champ, she loves to explore new opportunities. She is extremely organized, punctual and tardy approaching her clients with a positive attitude.

"When purchasing or selling a home and choosing a realtor, I understand that the options are endless and can be overwhelming. I pride myself in alleviating stress and my ability to lead people through the process smoothly. Life is all about balance. My goal is to make life long clientele and I am confident that I can achieve this by earning your business through trust, integrity, strong service and tenacious negotiating skills.”

It is joy to my heart to hear appreciation comments from my clients, I am here to serve using one of my greatest measures – “Sincerity”.

After a team record breaking start in real estate in her first year, Kate has continued with a strong 100% sales record that includes numerous referrals and is now a successful Platinum Condo agent with numerous sales records.

She has approached her real estate clients with the same strong work ethic, approachable personality and dedication that she brings to everything that she does. As ene client said, “Kate Made House Hunting Fun!”

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