If you are an end-user or investor whom is interested in purchasing / Invest on pre-construction condo in 2016 or beyond, We have long established, "inner circle" relationships with a select group of the most respected & well known condo developers in Toronto.
Although we are independent Brokerage and are not employed by any developer, we offer you rare and exclusive opportunities to purchase condo suites in our most recommended projects at the starting & lowest pricing the developer offers, before the project has been released to the public.
Public Grand Opening prices are usually 5% to 15% higher than the Pre-Public VIP Pricing that you receive by working with us.

Start saving now! This rewards you with maximum equity gains and return on your investment (Cash on Cash). Some of our recent projects brought our buyers/investors an average of 15% gross return on their investment within one year. We also get you first choice and selection of suites, as access to the best inventory is critical in this market. Most contracts you can assign before the occupancy date by $500-$2500 (Assignment Fee).