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Rush Condos Builder

Alterra Is a well known Toronto based development company that has a big portfolio in high-rise, mid rise and boutique developments. Recent projects are 159SW Condominiums, 36 Hazelton, Network Lofts, Chateau Parc North and many more. Its safe to say that Alterra has proven to deliver a solid product and has a lot of experience in building your potential future suite.

Rush Condos Reasons to Buy

Though one can think of countless others, some reasons to buy include:

  • though 520 Richmond is situated in the downtown core, it promises solace from the bustle of Canada’s biggest city, being tucked away from its main urban lifelines. That being said, the pulse of Toronto’s nightlife can be felt from just a few steps from your home
  • Rush condos at 520 Richmond is heaven for foodies! Surrounding the luxurious condos are King street, adorned with beautiful restaurants and great places for a drink on the weekend alike; Queen Street hosts some of the city’s most chic and hip fashion boutiques, and all within 10 minutes, walking distance.
  • Getting in and out of your home has never been easier- being in the heart of this Canadian metropolis has its advantages- and a world class transit system is not one to be looked over. Accessible by just a very short walk, navigating the city by train makes getting around easier than ever

What clients says about Rush Condos

Surrounding Rush, young, urban professionals decorate the lively streets and local pubs with excitement. Keeping you company in this luxurious downtown condo are kind, respectful, and hard working young people. Since this condo will be nestled between two highly respectable areas, Alexandra Park, and The Fashion District, simply walking through this community grants one such a sense of comfort and excitement, it’s no wonder why such a residence has such allure!


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