Information for Buyers

Mortgage Penalties Coming right up

Mortgage penalties are probably hated about as much as taxes—but tenfold. Particularly when those penalties reach into the five figures.

Take this case of an Edmonton couple that was initially quoted $17,000 to break their five-year fixed mortgage early.

But homebuyers need not fall into the trap of being stuck with...

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Lack of ‘missing middle’ housing making GTA’s real estate market increasingly unaffordable

The GTA is in danger of becoming the next London, Hong Kong or New York City — highly desirable cities, but unaffordable for most people.
Much of the dramatic increase we have seen in the prices of new homes, resale homes and rentals is the result of supply being outstripped by demands. The population of the GTA has grown significantly,...

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Types of Mortgages

Conventional, High Ratio and Second Mortgages

In order to qualify for a conventional mortgage, banks will require you to have at least 25% down payments of the desired properties price. Above all the mortgage loan cannot be greater than 75% of the entire property value.

Aside from conventional, there...

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Land Transfer Tax

Land Transfer Tax is a term applicable to any purchase of property in the GTA. Simply, the Land Transfer Tax is the tax paid for the certain piece of property and must be switched to the name of the right owner. The buyer must add the Land Transfer Tax into their final closing costs and is the sole responsibility of the buyer’s...

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The Offer Process

When the process to produce an offer has come, we will provide you with all the current market analytics and with our team’s experience we will also be able to guide you with suggesting on how to go about in certain scenarios.

As your Sales Representative we will present the Offer to Purchase, to the seller or...

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Our Team and Client's Role

Sales Representatives

As realtors we specialize in finding ways to benefit you, as well as save you time and stress. The fact is that as realtors it is our job to handle these situations since it is our day to day work. With the experience of our buying team can end up saving you thousands of dollars, and provide with...

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Getting to Know What to Buy

First and foremost the Main Question going through a Buyers head should be “What am I Looking For?” This is dependant on a few factors;

  • Your Preferred Choices, such as what Types of Area are you looking to Buy into? Central Suburb Areas, Suburbs, Downtown and or a Rural area?
  • ...

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